R410A Refrigerant Cost – Gas Price, Specification and Much More

R410A is a refrigerant that’s commonly used in ACs and refrigerators. After regular usage or due to problems, you may have to replace it or recharge your system. And that’s when the need to understand costs and restrictions comes into the picture.

In the USA, there are a few restrictions that stop anyone and everyone from buying refrigerants. Understanding these will help you stay on the good side of the law. Also, knowing how much R140A costs will ensure that you do not get cheated while choosing a vendor who will fix your refrigeration system. 

Let’s know all the important details now:

R410A Refrigerant Cost

Typically, you will be able to buy a 25-pound cylinder for $100. But, you may not need the entire cylinder. Even if you are extracting the whole thing and replacing it, how much you really need depends on the size of your system. Usually, 4 pounds would be enough for a 1-ton unit. This means if you have a 3-tone unit, you will need 12 pounds of refrigerant. 

Now, keep in mind that you should only buy how much you need. Refrigerants are dangerous, and you can’t just store them in your garage. If you hire a professional, he will determine how much you need and buy only that much. This is an easier and safer way out. 

Refrigerant restrictions

To protect the citizens of our country from misuse and the nature from harmful side-effects, the Environmental Protection Agency introduced refrigerant restrictions a while ago. According to this new rule, you need to be 608 certified if you want to buy R410A. There are only 2 exceptions to this rule:

  • You are still allowed to buy small cans (under 2 pounds). If you need a refrigerant for your car, this will be enough. For home systems, 2 pounds will not be enough.
  • You have an intent to resell. You will have to produce an Intent to Resell form to the vendor, which states that you will not use the refrigerant but will only sell it to someone else. 

For all other purposes, you need the 608 license number. If you are a homemaker, there’s no need to go through the trouble and apply for a license just for single use. Find a trustworthy expert and let him/her take care of it! 

Depending on your needs and the system at hand, the amount of refrigerant you need will vary. The cost, in turn, depends on the amount you need. So, do your calculations and determine the final cost. Add vendor fees to it to know what a reasonable fee would be. All the best. 

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