Best HVAC Gauges | Top Refrigerant Gauges Reviews of 2019

If you are interested in making your air conditioning system better, you should definitely look around for manifold gauges. HVAC gauges are useful for many appliances while doing DIYs at your home. Since an HVAC system is the most basic of all air conditioning systems, these gauges are a must-have for those who have such air conditioning systems. A manifold gauge built for air conditioning systems is basically a tool that performs diagnosis on your system where it checks the pressure and determines if there have been any leaks. It is also useful for recharging and evacuating your device.

There are two types of manifold gauges in the market these days- analog manifold gauges and digital refrigerant gauges. The underlying principle for both kinds of gauges is the same- i.e. they are used to remove contaminated refrigerant from your cooling devices and help them keep working smoothly. Digital gauges are not new in the market, but their popularity has been rising in recent times since they are more convenient and easy to read while being very accurate as well.

We have looked into many different models of air conditioning manifold gauges and picked out a few for you to choose from. After going through our choices, you can pick the best one for you according to your requirements.

Best HVAC Gauges

1) Mastercool Manifold Set of HVAC Gauges, Hoses

Mastercool (59161) Brass R410A, R22, R404AAs one of the most popular manufacturers of manifold HVAC gauge sets, they provide gauges that satisfy all customer satisfactions. With its brass body and large handles made of metal, it makes for a high quality long lasting gauge that performs very well. Here are a few features of the gauge:

  • ⅛ inch silicone dampened gauges help in smoothing out the gauge movement
  • The handles are angled for the ease of operation so that anybody can use it without any hassles
  • For convenient storage, this gauge also has a hose holder.
  • To reduce o-ring wear, this gauge has a free-type piston type valve.


2) Fieldpiece 3-Port Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge

Fieldpiece SMAN360

Among all the digital refrigerant gauges reviews we went through, this one was one of the best. This gauge calculates target superheat, so there are no manual calculations or guesswork to be done by you. Being a digital manifold gauge, all measurements are clearly visible. This is a very convenient HVAC manifold gauge set, and some of its other features are:

  • It recognizes and can handle up to 45 refrigerants and has a special feature of being updated with the latest ones via a USB connection to your computer.
  • Other useful features in this gauge include alarms, stopwatch, and rate indicator.
  • It also provides superheating and subcooling simultaneously.
  • The resolution of the gauge is from 50 to 9999.
  • They also have the ability to perform a linear adjustment of the pressure sensors based on the type of refrigerant, the pressure, and the temperature of the sensor.
  • It combines new technology with an easy-to-use interface to get you the best experience as a refrigerant gauge set user.


3) Raomdityat 4 Way AC Diagnostic Manifold Gauge Set

Raomdityat 4 Way AC Diagnostic ManifoldThis is one of the more popular HVAC gauges, since it works for most of the common refrigerants such as R410, R22, R134a, and more. The package contains all the components you might need. Here’s why you should take note of this gauge set-

  • The blue gauge is used for low pressure (0 to 550 PSI) and the red gauge is used for high pressure (0 to 750 PSI). With each of the gauges color marked, it becomes easier for those using it to do their jobs more effectively.
  • It has 4 charging hoses, each of which is 60 inches long
  • The burst pressure and max operating pressures of this gauge are 4000 PSI and 800 PSI respectively
  • For all quality issues in the first six months, the replacements are free! After six months, you have to spend only on the postage.
  • The only issue with this gauge is not having instructions with it. The instruction  manuals are available in the books level 1 and 2 for AC, heating, and refrigeration.


4) XtremepowerUS 4 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set

XtremepowerUS 4 Way AC Manifold GaugeThe complete set of air conditioning gauges are specifically used for air condition systems. These gauges are easy to read, thanks to the extra large faces they are designed with. These set of refrigerant gauges give readings for R410, R22, and R134a refrigerants. Take a look at some of the other features that this gauge set provides-

  • This gauge set has two separate gauges- the blue one for low pressure (0 to 550 PSI) and the red one for high pressure (0 to 750 PSI)
  • It has three long charging hoses, out of which the red and blue ones have a different dimension from the yellow one.
  • This HVAC gauge set also has four ports with four valves, making it very handy to use


5) Yellow Jacket 42004 Series 41 Manifold HVAC Gauge

Yellow Jacket 42004These hvac gauge sets come with a 1% accuracy (class 1) which means you can get exact readings even in critical systems. The full brass body of these air conditioning gauges enhance their durability. Some more facts to know about this gauge set are-

  • The full porting ability of this refrigerant gauge allows it to maximize the capacity and the flow of the gauge
  • They also include color coded hoses that have the standard ¼ inch flare settings.
  • It runs on a working pressure of 800 PSI and a burst pressure of 4000 PSI
  • Even the cases for these gauges are made with special rugged steel along with polycarbonate crystals.


6) Mastercool (99661-A) Blue Manifold – HVAC Digital Refrigerant Gauge

HVAC Digital ManifoldMastercool introduced this 2-way digital HVAC manifold gauge set which is one of the most sought air conditioning gauges today. With easy to read LCD display, absolute pressure & temperature readings, and capability to analyze over 60 different refrigerants make this HVAC gauge set reviewed as a perfect tool for the HVACR technicians, especially for the beginners in the field. Have a look at the features and facts on the Mastercool 99661-A Digital Refrigerant Gauge Reviews below:

  • It comes with three 60” standard hoses to make your task even more comfortable.
  • This manifold HVAC digital gauge is capable to analyse R12, R22, R32, R114, R134A, R143A, R401A, R403B, R407A, R410B, R413A, R422C, R441A, R507A, R508B, R744, and many other refrigerants from your air conditioning and other HVAC machines.
  • It has a 1 PSI sensing resolution and 0 to 750 PSI working pressure.
  • You can operate it on a 9V DC battery with or without using AC/DC adapter.
  • It has automatic shutdown functionality after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Other things that come with this refrigerant gauge set are vacuum cable and sensor, thermocouple, and a protective plastic case to secure the setup.


 Mastercool 59161Raomdityat 4 Way AC Diagnostic
XtremepowerUS 4 Way AC Manifold
Yellow Jacket 42004
Burst Pressure
3000 PSI
4000 PSI
4000 PSI
4000 PSI
Max Working Pressure
800 PSI
800 PSI
800 PSI
800 PSI
Item Weight
3 Pounds
7.1 Pounds
4 Pounds
4  Pounds

Choosing one of the many new HVAC gauge sets for your projects is pivotal. There are many factors to consider before you get one for yourself. It is upto you to make the decision of which gauge to get based on what work you will using the HVAC gauge for.

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