Refrigerant companies – List of top refrigerant companies in 2021

Refrigerants are commonly used all over the world in ACs and heat pumps. They also find applications in liquid storage, meat packing plants, and ice skating rinks. All over the USA, there are multiple dealers who make these refrigerants accessible to us. You may be quite familiar with them too.

But are you aware of who manufactures these refrigerants? Where do they come from? Refrigerant manufacturing is going to be a huge market soon because of the urgency to come up with environment-friendly alternatives. Learning about who’s already in the game is a great idea, thus.

Top Refrigerant Manufacturer Companies

1. Honeywell International

Honeywell International

Honeywell International is one of the largest and leading refrigerant companies today. It was founded over a century ago but back then, they manufactured only thermostats. Today, they are a strong unit with more than 130,000 employees and their roots in Wabash, Indiana.

The company only started producing refrigerants after World War II and to this day, they are known for their high quality products and their reliability. Their products are sold under various brand names including Solstice and Genetron. Solstice includes N13, N40, and other CHOs while Solstice includes 410A, 134A, 404A, and other HFCs.


2. Bluon Energy

Bluon Energy

Bluon Energy is a mid-sized manufacturer but it is definitely a force to reckon. The company has its headquarters in McClelland in California and is focusing on manufacturing refrigerants that promise efficiency as well as low carbon footprint. This relatively new company is quite promising because of its emphasis on looking for environment-friendly options.

At the moment, they are selling Bluon TDX 20, which is a good alternative for R-22. It is also affordable at the same time.

3. MexiChem


MexiChem is in the league of the big manufacturers and is a billion-dollar company at the moment. It is located in Tlalnepantla in Mexico and was founded in 1953. The company is popular particularly because it doesn’t just manufacture the refrigerant itself but also mines Fluorspar, which is a main ingredient in most refrigerants.

The company has two brand names – Arcton and Klea. Klea covers a lot of refrigerants whereas Arcton is the R-22 product. MexiChem has been known to partner with another large manufacturer known as Arkema for a mutually beneficial association.

4. Chemours (DuPont)


What started as DuPont is now Chemours. Chemours, as an independent brand, was established less than a year ago but due to its successful history in the field as DuPont, it didn’t take time to rocket to the top. It is a billion-dollar startup and currently one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerants in the world, giving Honeywell International very tough competition.

Freon, the term that’s associated with refrigerants and used so loosely, is actually a brand name of Chemours. In other words, they own the trademark for that name. Chemours and Honeywell has been known to partner every now and then to build an association and advance their respective products, especially HFOs. 


5. Arkema


Arkema is not as popular as the others on this list but it is quite a reliable international brand. Established in France, the company has grown steadily in the past few years. Their refrigerant is sold under the brand name Forane and gives good competition to the giants.

Other products in its kitty include HFC refrigerants such as R410A, R404A, and R134A.

6. Special mention – China

Special mention

You’d be surprised that we mentioned an entire country instead of a company but we have a good reason behind this. China is home to plenty of refrigerant manufacturers who distribute their products across the globe. Having said that, we would like to clarify that purchasing from China can be a risk without proper research. So, please make sure you study the manufacturer you are buying from to avoid problems later on.


We tried our best to present the top-rated refrigerant companies in 2021 to you. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is quite reliable in that you have all the details of each of the top companies. The race is fierce but these manufacturers keep emerging on top. Learning about them is always a good idea!

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