R22 Vs R410a: Which Cools Better? Know the Real Difference

It is observed that since 1990, there has been the modification in the air conditioning industry. R410a is a superior refrigerant that has discontinued the production of R22 refrigerant. In this post, you will come to know the real difference between R22 and R410a refrigerant. The other name of R22 refrigerant is Freon while Puron is the name given to R410a.Let’s discuss the characteristics of R22 and R410a which are different types of refrigerant units so that you can easily make out the comparison between the two units.

Comparison Between R22 and R410a

The old type of refrigerant by the brand named Freon.A new type of refrigerant by the brand named Puron.
Less energy efficient as it can absorb and release heat in lesser amount.More competent as it can absorb and release heat in efficient manner.
Less ecologically friendly.More environmentally friendly.
Not used in newly-manufactured air conditioners.Suitable for all newly-manufactured air conditioners.
Contributes to the reduction of ozone layer.No contribution towards the depletion of ozone layer.
Its use is phased out so you will find it more expensive.Avoid the risk of overheating and breaking down due to tougher and durable air conditioner parts.

R22 Vs R410a

From this table, you can make out the real differences of R22 vs. R410a efficiency. In comparison to the R22 refrigerant, you will find R410a enjoys significant benefits. Do you know the main reason for the shift from R22 to R410a refrigerant? It is due to the environmental grounds. If there is the leakage in the A/C compressors of R22, then it will be proved unsafe to the environment as it will release HFCF into the air which will cause greenhouse warming and weakening of ozone layer. For home cooling R410a A/C compressors are suitable. By going through the R22 vs R410a, the homeowners can make out how R410a unit is resourceful for the usage.

In case you possess an R-22 air conditioner then it would be better you replace it with R410a unit. In this way, you will not only save your environment but can also enjoy efficiency along with safety. You can’t interchange R410 units with R22 units. You will observe declining parts and growing demands of R22 refrigerant units, so the cost of this appliance is much higher than R410a. The information regarding comparison between these two units will guide you in drawing the clear picture of the two units which in turn help you in selecting the best suitable unit for efficient and outstanding results.

In 2010, there was the banned for the use of R22 in the new air conditioning systems. In 2015, the R410a became the new standard for US residential air conditioning system. The US government intends to have refrigerant that enjoys ozone depletion level of 0, so they recommend R410a unit. It will become illegal to produce R22, and in 2030 there will be complete phase-out of R22.

Our Choice: R410a Refrigerant

Install the resourceful and cost-effective R410a refrigerant to enjoy productivity, performance, and environmental benefits. If the operating life of your air conditioner is coming to an end, then it would be better to get it changed with the R410a refrigerant which will help you in saving the repairing cost of an R22 refrigerant leak. The long-lasting air conditioner parts are used in R410a unit which will protect your system from overheating and breaking down. It would be safer to get your air conditioner checked by the HVAC professional who can make use of recovery machine so that you can know the right way to get your system in an appropriate and proper condition.

In the market, you will find that due to the ban on R-22, many retailers promote to ‘top up’ the R22 refrigerant which will cause damage. Keep yourself alert and careful of false claims for repair and operation retrofitting.


Now you can make out how R410a unit is efficient and cools down better than R22. By going through this article you will gain understanding and knowledge about R22 and R410a refrigerant units. Install R410a unit which will provide you comfortable and well-organized cooling system. Enjoy the ecologically friendly cooling network with peace of mind.


  1. I am happy for knowing for the refrigerant. mostly people didn’t know that and they get R22 in their Air conditioning.


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