Is HVAC a Good Career Path? Check Pros and Cons before you Start

Due to the constant demand for HVAC services, many people are now looking forward to making their career in this field. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition. Every building, be it residential or commercial, needs a well-maintained HVAC system. A proper HVAC system is a prerequisite for making the building sustainable in the cold as well as hot weather conditions. There are different positions for technicians and engineers in the HVAC field, but before applying for that, it is vital to know if the field is right for you in the longer run.

Is HVAC a Good Career Path?

Making a career in the HVAC system might sound easy but it requires knowledge and skills to install and repair the systems when required. HVAC is a necessity for humans to have a pleasant environment in their living space or workplace. The jobs for the HVAC technicians have seen a constant rise due to difficulty in finding skilled workers for the same. Although many companies offer higher salaries to the technicians, let us first know all the pros and cons of being in this field.

Pros:HVAC Sytem Pros

  • As per some reports and analysis, the employment rate in HVAC will increase by 21% until 2022. So the opportunities for getting a good job are relatively easy in HVAC given that you are qualified for it.
  • Unlike other fields, the work for maintaining or installing an HVAC system cannot be outsourced. The technicians who are specially trained for such skills can do the repair work.
  • An HVAC engineer or technician can earn up to $47K  per annum on average. The salaries are subjective as every company or organization.
  • An entry-level technician can get somewhere between $20K-40K  yearly, whereas the people working on higher positions can get up to $60K annually. 
  • You can grab the opportunities in any country with a good skill set of working in the HVAC field. Apart from being a full-time worker in this field, you can also opt for doing it as a part-time-time or second job.
  • There are many positions for which you can apply, such as HVAC engineer, manager, installer and refrigeration technicians.
  • You can also combine the knowledge with other fields such as economics or management and set up your firm.

Cons:HVAC System Cons

  • Having a job or career in the HVAC field is not similar to a 9 to 5 job. You might find yourself working for more than 40 hours in a week as you have reach the site on call.
  • After getting a certificate from the University for HVAC systems, you get a job for an entry-level position. It takes time to learn new skills and have expertise in the field. 
  • Like other fields, finding a job in HVAC without on-hands experience is difficult. Companies only want to work with trained and skilled technicians.
  • Being an HVAC tech is physically demanding, as you will be on your toes for most of the day. Unlike corporate jobs, the work is mostly physical and requires you to travel more.

Concluding Remarks

Taking any career path has some advantages and disadvantages. When looked at everything closely, it can be said that the field has a high demand for the next ten years. If you have the education and certificate for the HVAC from a reputed university or institute, there are chances of getting a decent job. You can start working as a technician and gradually get promoted to manager or director position in this field. Before applying for jobs, make sure that you are certified to work as an HVAC technician as a lot of companies and agencies ask for it.

After weighing all the pros and cons, it can be concluded that taking up a job in this field is beneficial. As one can work with flexibility and also earn good wages. Once you get the basic knowledge about the HVAC system and its mechanism, you can work anywhere. This field requires a good knowledge of physics and the procedures for installing and repairing the systems. However, it should be kept in mind that it is suitable for people who don’t mind working long hours or even on weekends. So if you don’t mind working extra hours to get more wages, this field is a good option from the career point of view.

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