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How To Jump AC Compressor Clutch – Easy Method To Manually Engage

There are multiple reasons why your AC compressor clutch is not engaging. A few of them are common and simple while the other can be complicated. Understanding the reason can help you find the best way to manually engage your clutch. 

Let’s dig deeper and find out more about this.

AC Clutch not Engaging – Possible Reasons

Like we mentioned above, there can be multiple reasons behind this. The most common reasons are:

  • Burnt fuse
  • Low refrigerant 
  • Low AC compressor oil
  • Bad relay

Examining the AC Compressor Clutch

To pinpoint the problem, you should know how to examine the AC compressor clutch. If the pump is not working, it indicates that the AC is low on refrigerant or that there’s a problem with the circulation. This is why the AC will not work properly. 

Kindly follow the steps for a closer examination:

  • Turn your AC on and set the fan speed to maximum. 
  • Now, start your engine.
  • Check to see if the pulley and the clutch are functioning – if only the pulley is spinning, the clutch is at fault. 

How to Jump AC Compressor Clutch

 AC Compressor ClutchYou can solve the problem by jumping your AC compressor clutch manually. It is not complicated but involves a few steps that we will discuss here.

Perform the following checks

  • Start off by disconnecting all the cables from other parts of the vehicle and then check the battery voltage. If you don’t see readings, there’s a problem – the AC relay and fuse are the ones to blame. 
  • Check if there’s enough oil. If there isn’t, manually engaging the AC compressor clutch will be of no use. So, make sure it is well above the red line.
  • The refrigerant should be as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. If it is below the recommended value, please cater to it before you go ahead. 

Time to jump!

To manually jump the AC compressor clutch, here are the steps:

  1. Reach the front side of the compressor and find the single wire connector. Unplug it. 
  2. Take the jumper wire and attach it to the single wire that you disconnected. 
  3. The other end of the jumper wire should go to the battery’s positive terminal.
  4. Once set, this will give your AC compressor clutch a jump and it will start manually without any problems.

Diagnosis and subsequent action will help you solve the problem with ease. Each of these requires strict adherence to the guidelines. Straying from the tips may cause more problems. So, we request you to follow all the instructions or have a mechanic help you with this. All the best!

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