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How to Make a Vacuum Pump With an Air Compressor? – Useful Guide

Need a vacuum pump? Worried that you will have to spend money to get one just for a small purpose? We are here to help you put that money to better use because you don’t really need a vacuum pump! If you have an air compressor, it is more than enough!

How to Make a Vacuum Pump With an Air Compressor?

Read on to find out how you can simply make a few changes and start using your air compressor as a vacuum pump.

vacume pump with compressor

This is what you will need: An air compressor, a vacuum hose, epoxy, hose barb, PVC hose, scissors, and nippers.

  • Understand the air compressor properly. Go through the manufacturer instructions so that you know how it functions. This is important because you have to open the compressor. The manual will also help you with this. So, be careful right from the beginning. The only thing you should be extra careful about here is that some compressors need a lot of force to open. Don’t panic if you are unable to get it out in the first go, thus.
  • After removing the cap off the compressor, you will see the pump. But, this is not it. You need to find the cylinder, which will be located beneath the pump. You may need to pull it or in some cases, push it to expose the cylinder.
  • Now you must work on attaching the vacuum hose. For this, you should take care of the fitting first. You will need the epoxy and the hose barb here so that you seal the area surrounding the intake holes and then attach the barb to the epoxy. Leave it to set for at least 24 hours.
  • Bring the PVC hose (preferably ¼-inch thick) and the vacuum hose together with the barb and use the hose clamp in case you are worried too much about the safety. If you are sure everything is in place, you can leave it as it is.
  • You are nearing the end of the process now, and you only need to work with the case. A hole will be needed in the case to pass the vacuum hose. Create this hose with the nippers, keeping in mind the requirements.
  • Assemble the compressor back and start using it as a vacuum pump!

Sometimes, with a little additional work, we can save a lot of money and hassle! There are many solutions such as the one we discussed today to make your life easy.

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