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How to Add Freon in Heat Pump – Follow Easy Steps to Change Heat Pump

Did you know that the heat pump will fail if you don’t add Freon to it? Come winter, and you won’t be able to do without the heat pump. What if you realize then that you need to add Freon? That’s just tragic. Let’s all be prepared before hand instead and learn how to add it so that you are prepared for a comfortable winter. In this article, we shall help you understand the various steps involved. Let’s start.

How to Add Freon in Heat Pump?

Get your gauges together

This process requires a manifold of gauges. A manifold is nothing but a set that comprises of all the types of gauges you will need to change pressurized refrigerant systems. Once you get it in place, identify the hoses and gauges based on color. The red gauge goes to the high pressure side, and the blue one goes to the low pressure side. Getting these wrong can be dangerous, which is why we urge you to pay attention and be absolutely sure that you have correctly identified every gauge.

Connect the gauges

You can do this while the heat pump is running. It is your personal preference. Now, if the pump is operating, the high-side refrigerant line must be above room temperature. Connect the red gauge to it. Before connecting the blue hose to the low-side, you should check its insulation as well. When you touch it or pinch it gently, it should feel cool. If it does not, you have to add more refrigerant.


Use a thermometer to get accurate readings on the high-side and the low-side. Go through the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s guide to understand what the normal range is. If the numbers are below the range, you definitely need to add Freon. If not, you can rejoice in the fact that your heat pump is fine! This step, according to us, is the most important of all because taking incorrect readings or going wrong while measuring the Freon can cause injuries and damages. You may end up facing dire consequences, and we want to warn you not to take this lightly at all. Double-check and triple-check the readings before you go to the next step.

Add the Freon

Be extremely careful throughout. Handle the Freon and the heat pump with care. Add the Freon from the low-side and take the following precautions:

  • Never add it through the high-side.
  • Never turn the gas upside down or move it at all, if possible.

Once you have added the required amount, you can disconnect the gauges. As a final step, check the heat pump for leaks using a pressure vacuum.

WARNING: In some places, it is illegal to handle refrigerants without a professional license. It is also very dangerous. So, we advise you to check the laws and talk to an expert before taking this upon yourself. It is also safer to let the expert do it because you need to follow every step with a lot of attention. Any mistake could cause severe problems. Try this method only if you are sure. We hope this guide leads you in the right direction. If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to comment.

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