Best Coil Cleaner for AC – Get Rid of Stains and Dirt with Utmost Ease!

Just like every other machine, your beloved AC needs some sugar. No, we aren’t talking about the sweet condiment. We are talking about love! Air conditioners have become staples thanks to the gradual rise in temperatures throughout the world. They are specifically important during summers when the heat is too much to handle. However, for them to be in top shape as you half-heartedly welcome summer, you should take time out for maintenance. This is where coil cleaning comes in.

Best Coil Cleaner for AC

ACs have condenser coils and evaporator coils. They work together to ensure cooling and to give you cool air. The evaporator coil removes heat from the air and passes it through the refrigerant thanks to which you enjoy the cool air. The hot air is released outside after being blown over the condenser coil. For your AC to work optimally, both these coils need to be in great shape. Otherwise, you will have to make do with insufficient cooling, which bypasses the whole point of having an AC in the first place.

The good news is that you can clean the coils on your own without external help. The great news is that we have a list of products that will help you in this quest. In other words, you don’t have to look any further for your perfect cleaning companion. Now, let’s go through our list of the best coil cleaners for AC in 2019. 

1. Nu-Calgon 4291-08 Nu-BriteNu-Calgon 4291-08 Nu-Brite

Let’s start with the one we swear by! Nu-Calgon is an absolute crowd favorite because it works like a charm. The safe, easy to use detergent cleans dirt right off the coils and make them look all bright and new! Here are a few of its features:

  • It is a non-acid, alkaline product.
  • It gets rid of grime, dirt, and grease.
  • It is a foaming cleaner, formulated with chelants and detergents for better penetration and quick-dissolving.
  • It is bio-degradable.
  • It is a concentrated cleaner. So, you should mix water to it before using it. A 1:4 ratio works well. Also, once you spray the cleaner on, you should rinse the coils well for complete cleaning.


2. ComStar 90-298 Coil Safe Professional Grade Coil CleanerComStar 90-298 Coil Safe Professional Grade Coil Cleaner

This environmentally safe, pH neutral coil cleaner is another popular choice on Amazon. In fact, it is Amazon’s Choice! Plus, it is one of the most affordable coil cleaners on our list. Keep reading for more details:

  • It works efficiently to remove grease, lint, dirt, and dust from the coils.
  • It is a non-foaming cleaner.
  • You should add 3 parts of the cleaner to 10 parts water and clean your coils. The best part is that you do not need to rinse it! 
  • It is a non-acidic, non-caustic, non-alkaline, and non-toxic cleaner.
  • ComStar consists of ingredients that not only clean but also inhibit metal fatigue.
  • It is an extremely safe option for both copper and aluminum. amazon-button

3. Frost King ACF19 Air Conditioner Coil Foam CleanerFrost King ACF19 Air Conditioner Coil Foam Cleaner

Looking for a versatile cleaner that you can easily rely on? Say hello to the Frost King! We love it because it does more than just cleaning coils. You can use it for a number of applications, and its features are great too. Here’s a peek:

  • It cleans dirt, grease, and grim from coils, air filters, and fan blades.
  • It also works to neutralize odor.
  • It is a heavy-duty, foaming cleaning agent.
  • It has a water-based formula. It also has corrosion inhibitors that prolong the life of metals.
  • It is completely self-rinsing.
  • If there are large pieces of debris, you can use the scrubbing cap to get rid of it. Also, if the stains are stubborn, you can redo the process for complete cleaning.


4. Lundmark Coil CleenLundmark Coil Cleen

The Lundmark Coil Cleen is a handy spray that will remove the stains right off your AC coils. It has a ready to use formulation, enabling you to just spray and start cleaning! Here are a few useful details:

  • It instantly removes grime and dirt.
  • All you have to do is to spray, let the formulation act, and then rinse it clean if needed.
  • It is a non-foaming cleaner.
  • It is reasonably priced. So, you don’t have to worry about paying too much for cleaning.
  • Many users have said that it is a very efficient cleaner.
  • Another huge plus is that it doesn’t leave any bothersome smell. It is mild and acts very well.


5. DIVERSITECH PRO-GREEN Professional Strength Coil CleanerDIVERSITECH PRO-GREEN Professional Strength Coil Cleaner

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get the job done well, DIVERSITECH is the answer. It is a little highly-priced, especially if you compare it with the others on our list but it works well, and most users have had no complaints. Here’s more:

  • It is a no-rinse cleaner, which means you can just spray and clean without having to rinse off the AC before use. Having said that, if the coils are extremely dirty or have stubborn stains, a round of rinsing will definitely help.
  • It is mildly alkaline.
  • It is non-toxic, non-foaming, and non-corrosive.
  • It does an odorless job, which is also a huge plus.
  • You have to mix the cleaner in water in a 3:1 ratio (3 parts water and 1 part cleaner) to clean the coils.
  • It prevents future buildup to a large extent.


As you can see, all these coil cleaners are great and will get the job done. It is up to you to choose based on your requirements. Remember to read all the instructions on the label and be careful by following the steps below:

  • Wear safety goggles and gloves
  • Switch the AC off and let it cool before you start the cleaning process
  • Cover the floor surface, especially indoors, so that you don’t damage it
  • Wait for a few minutes after you have cleaned to turn the AC on
  • Once you switch the AC on, let it run for 10 minutes so that the condensation process does the final cleaning. 

Choose the right coil cleaner, be safe, and enjoy super-efficient cooling! 

Benefits of coil cleaner for AC


Experts suggest that we clean our AC coils at least once a year. When left uncleaned, ACs become less efficient, consuming more energy than they are supposed to. In fact, many studies have estimated a 30% increase in energy usage. This is completely unnecessary and can be avoided by cleaning the coil. 

If you are looking for more benefits before you purchase a coil cleaner for AC, please keep reading. We have enlisted the biggest benefits here for you.

Promotes health

Anything unclean is unhygienic. This stands true for your AC as well. If it is never cleaned, it will encourage mold build-up, dust, and other contaminants. All these are harmful especially if you have chronic ailments such as asthma and allergies. 

By cleaning the coil, you are improving the quality of air in your house or office, enabling everyone to breathe easy and clean. There will be far fewer cases of falling ill once you make this change.

Enhances dehumidification

Humidity is another important part of healthy living. Too much humidity can also invite bacteria and mold. ACs usually have a dehumidification function but when the coil is not cleaned regularly, this functionality weakens. This is because dirt hampers heat transfer. So, get your coil cleaned regularly and unclog it so that the air flows freely.

Saves money

You may think that investing in the best coil cleaner for AC is unnecessary or a waste of money. But the truth is the opposite. A coil cleaner saves money for you in multiple significant ways. For example, it makes the AC run efficiently, consuming less energy. Thus, even in hot months, you will save 20% on utility costs. We don’t need to tell you how huge that is!

Also, another point here is that a clean coil lasts longer. A clogged one may stop working after a while, requiring you to replace it. Replacements are always more expensive than basic cleaning. 

If this is ignored for a long time, the entire system may shut down AKA the AC may stop working. The amount of money you will spend on the professional help, repairs, replacements, etc. and the hassle you will invite are not worth it at all. You can avoid all this with a simple cleaning process.

A coil cleaner will enable you to clean your AC coil by yourself but it’s absolutely fine if you aren’t confident. You can hire a professional to do it for you. 

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